Toddler Play Conference 2024


We know that ALL children have the right to play but how can we as therapists truly become “Defenders of Play”?

Join Holly Peretz, OT, and 20+ experts for the 5th annual Toddler Play Conference to elevate children’s play in your practice and in the lives of the children that we serve.

You will learn:
How to promote play in every practice area
How to make play accessible for ALL children
How to coach caregivers in engaging children in powerful play

Plus have a lot of fun in this group learning experience.
The 4 day event runs from 18 March until 22 March but the recorded distance-learning course is available "on-demand"

These sessions have been awarded the following IL EI credits:

*Neuroscience and Play-Based Learning-0.5 TYP, 0.5 INT
*The Therapeutic Use of Self-1 INT
*Executive Function Development-0.25 ATY, 0.25 TYP, 0.5 INT
*Praxis and Motor Planning-0.5 ATY, 0.5 INT
*Primitive Reflex Integration-0.25 ATY, 0.25 TYP, 0.5 AS
*Taking toys to a new level-0.25 INT, 0.25 WWF
*Ready to Learn and Play-0.75 INT
*Child Led Play-1 INT
*Playful Parents: How to teach others to be their child's perfect play partner-0.75 INT
*Supporting play through telehealth-0.75 INT
*The power of playgroups-0.75 INT
*Promoting Play in Private Practice-0.75 INT
*Amplifying play in Early InterventioN-0.5 INT
*Promoting Play in Preschools-0.75 INT
*Messy play for children with sensory sensitivities0.75 INT
*Increasing access to play for children with neurodevelopmental disabilities through positioning and environmental modifications-0.75 INT
*Promoting play in ADHD and impulsivity-0.25 ATY, 0.5 INT
*Defending access to play for Pre-verbal Kids-0.75 INT
* No more Hand- Over-Hand-0.5 INT
*Evaluation and Assessment of Learning -1.5 WWF

Total 16.5 hours max.

Location Online

Date 2/29/2024 - 2/28/2025 11:55 PM (Check in 8:00 AM)
Sponsor -
Trainer Holly Peretz and 20 other expert speakers
Contact Holly Peretz (555) 123-4567
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
5. Comprehensive plans
7. Ongoing communication & collaboration
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 0
Cost $127 (early-bird pricing available)
Status Closed