“Look What I Can Do”

Project Activities


EI-SOS Tasks and Timeline


June 2005


· Obtain Advisory Group members


· Hire Project Staff


July 2005


· Conference call with ECO Consultant


· Update IICEI with progress


· Recruit families for focus groups


· Schedule dates, times, and locations for focus groups


· ECO Consultant revises FOS based on feedback obtained and develops two versions- one utilizing existing format and second with individual items


· Review instrument revisions, develop similar items for additional factors to be examined,  and provide feedback to ECO Consultant


· Meet with Advisory Group for initial meeting to outline project and share proposed instruments 


· Conduct focus groups to obtain family feedback on process


August 2005


· ECO Consultant revises instrument based on feedback


· Call with TX and ECO to discuss agenda and protocol for second round of focus groups


· Identify facilitator(s) for second round of focus groups


· Conference call with facilitators to review goals and agenda


· Copy and distribute focus group agenda


· Prepare and distribute copies of instruments for use in focus groups


· Conduct parent focus group


· Teleconference with advisory groups and ECO advisor to review status of instrument development, summarize findings from review efforts and focus group activities, and develop plan for next steps of pilot-testing and implementation


· Revise survey based on focus groups


September-November 2005


· Update IICEI on progress


· Conduct additional focus groups utilizing statewide demographics


December 2005-January 2006


· Revise survey based on focus group results


· Have final survey translated


· Prepare cover letter


· Translate cover letter


February 2006- March 2006


· Have final surveys printed in English and Spanish


· Obtain sample of families from data system


· Prepare surveys for distribution


· Train CFC personnel on survey procedures


· Meet with ECO Consultant


· Deliver questionnaires


April 2006-June 2006


· Collect data


· Begin development of data systems


· Begin incorporation of survey into EI data systems


May 2006- July 2006


· Data analysis/ subscale development


· Test psychometric properties (reliability and validity)


· Complete incorporation of survey into EI data systems



Rev. 12/05

Early Intervention Statewide Outcomes Survey

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