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Survey Development

The pilot version of the survey is now ready and can be found on the “Products Developed” page of the website. Over 60 Illinois early intervention families provided feedback on the process and the survey. Much of the feedback that the focus groups provided is reflected in the current version of the survey. Families from across the state did a great job of making sure that this survey is something other families would feel comfortable completing. The Early Childhood Outcome Center is currently collecting feedback on the survey.


Advisory Group Activity

The advisory group, composed of early intervention stakeholders, has met three times to provide feedback on the survey process and instrument. The next meeting of the group will be January 30th. At that time, the pilot instrument, cover letter, and next steps will be shared with the group to gather feedback.


Next Steps

The survey is currently being translated into Spanish. The cover letter that will accompany the survey is being drafted. After these steps are completed, the survey and letter will be sent for printing. Family outcomes training for service coordinators will be held during the month of March. The printed surveys and letters will be sent to Child and Family Connections offices for distribution to families during the months of April, May, and June. 

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