Empowering with InterAACt: Tips and Tricks


When supporting individuals using a high tech device, have you ever asked these questions?

“There is so much in this communication device, where do I start?”
“This is a cool feature, but how can I use it to support communication?”
“How can this device meet the specific needs of my augmented communicator?”
These are questions that many people have as they support individuals using high tech devices as part of their overall communication system. In this session, we will answer these questions and more.

DynaVox devices provide vocabulary and features for individuals with varying communication skills through our InterAACt language framework. This class will focus on how you can use the large amount of content and “cool features” already in the device to meet the needs of individuals at all communication levels -Emergent, Context Dependent, and Independent. Because of the unique characteristics of InterAACt, this presentation will focus exclusively on the DynaVox Mayer-Johnson product line and will not include information on other products.

First, we will explore the needs and challenges of augmented communicators across levels. Next, we will focus on tips and tricks that meet these needs and help to overcome challenges using a combination of both technical (on the device) and teaching instructional strategies. The tips and tricks will serve to enhance both communication and participation. We will use demonstration and hands on activities to support the learning of the technical elements, while using discussion and individual activities to facilitate teaching instructional strategies.

Location Normal Public Library
206 West College Ave.
Normal, IL 61761
Date 2/22/2012 9:00 AM - 3:30 PM (Check in 8:45 AM)
Sponsor DynaVox Technologies
Trainer Patrick
Contact Stephanie Barb (402) 218-9890 stephanie.barb@dynavoxtech.com
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
4. Specific goals
5. Comprehensive plans
6. Periodic monitoring
7. Quality services
Credit Hours 2.5 - Intervention
Cost free
Status Closed