I. Ethical Behavior Overview and in Practice


I. Ethical Behavior Overview and in Practice An in-depth presentation on defining ethical behavior and the theories involved in promoting ethical behavior with a theoretical basis for ethical decision-making.

Discussion and definitions provided on the topics of informed consent and components involved for effective therapist-patient communication, appropriate boundaries, and conflict of interest with definitions provided.

Differentiate between common ethical theories in practice
today while presenting key similarities and differences between ethics and morals and the determinants of moral and ethical behavior.

Identify and discuss principles of confidentiality as defined and understood by HIPPA/ FERPA guidelines and procedures.

Location Webinar
Date 1/1/2023 - 12/31/2023 11:59 AM
Sponsor ICG Rehab Services
Trainer Michael Purske, LCPC
Contact Bob Cammarata (312) 943-3600 continuinged@icgrehab.com
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
5. Comprehensive plans
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 1.5 - Working with Families
Cost 50.00 for the session. No cost for ICG Therapist's
Cut Off Date 12/31/2023
Status Closed