#7337 Introduction to Sign Language for Healthcare Professionals


This is a fun, interactive workshop intended to help healthcare professionals be better able to communicate with their patients who use signs and also prepare them to introduce new signs to children. It covers 120+ single ASL signs, the manual alphabet, and numbers 1-20. Participants will learn and practice the signs and learn tips to help them effectively use signs in their practice. Participants will learn how sign language encourages speech and language development, enhances overall communication and can reduce frustration for children who are not yet able to effectively communicate using speech. The information presented is based in research and backed by the instructor’s 30 years of experience. (Introductory Level)

Location Webinar
Date 1/1/2023 7:30 PM - 12/31/2023 10:30 PM (Check in 7:30 PM)
Sponsor Motivations, Inc.
Trainer Jill Eversmann, MS, CCC-SLP
Contact JANE HUDSON BOSTON (803) 417-6533 jboston@motivationsceu.com
Principles 2. Active participation
4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
7. Ongoing communication & collaboration
Credit Hours 3.0 - Intervention
Cost $150.00
Cut Off Date 12/31/2023
Status Closed