It’s All About Language: Teaching Language to AAC Learners All Day Long


In this course, participants explore ways to provide language instruction to AAC learners throughout their day, whether at school, at home, or in the community. After a review of best practices including the concepts of core and fringe vocabulary and the importance of modeling (aided language stimulation), participants dive into ways to teach language regardless of content, theme, or activity. After exploring the importance of robust AAC vocabulary and the necessary components of robust AAC systems, participants learn about Gail Van Tatenhove’s Descriptive Teaching Method and how to apply it. They also learn about the use of Descriptive Teaching Labels and other no-tech language instruction supports for AAC learners. Participants learn about example lessons and discuss the importance of engagement in language learning. The session concludes with free and low-cost resources that can be used following the session and a short question and answer period. While this course includes many references to AAC systems and teaching language to AAC learners, it’s important to consider that teaching language is teaching language; therefore, all of the techniques shared in this course can be used effectively to support language instruction with individuals who have natural speech as well.

Location Webinar
Date 7/1/2022 - 7/1/2024
Sponsor VideoContinuingEducation
Trainer Lauren S. Enders
Contact Darla Torkelsen (866) 275-4858
Principles 3. Collaborative relationships
4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
Credit Hours 2.0 - Intervention
Cost 49.99 (or free with subscription)
Cut Off Date 7/1/2024
Status Closed