CFG Spotlight Series Rachel Dorsey: My Journey as an Autistic SLP with ARFID


Join the Chicago Feeding Group for a night of conversation with Rachel Dorsey, an accomplished speech language pathologist who identifies as “being an austic SLP with ARFID.” This conversation will explore Rachel’s own experience as a person on the autism spectrum living with feeding challenges. Rachel will share how her personal experience influences her work with neurodiverse clients. This conversation will help parents and caregivers better understand the lived experience of children and adults with a diagnosis of ARFID.

Location Webinar

Date 3/9/2022 6:30 PM - 8:00 PM (Check in 6:30 PM)
Sponsor Chicago Feeding Group
Trainer Karen Dilfer
Contact Karen Dilfer (847) 293-9559
Principles 7. Ongoing communication & collaboration
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 0.75 - Atypical Development
0.75 - Working with Families
Cost $20.00
Status Closed