Pediatric Complex Feeding Issues: 2-Day Intensive Training


Children do not present with one area of difficulty when it comes to feeding – it is typically a mix of behavior,
sensory and oral-motor issues. As a result, we need to learn how to adjust on the fly when a child throws us a
curveball in a session that doesn’t fit with our treatment plan.
In this recording, I will show you how to use a roadmap to navigate the muddy waters of feeding and learn
how to seamlessly move between sensory, motor and behavior strategies to create the best-individualized
treatment plan for each child.
Through video case examples, I will show you treatment strategies, and hands-on exercises to gain the
knowledge needed to successfully treat feeding difficulties.
You’ll walk away with advanced techniques to:
Evaluate the causes of mealtime difficulties: behavior, sensory, oral motor, or a combination
Increase the range of foods, decrease rigidity around mealtimes
Increase jaw strength and decrease ineffective lip closure, or poor tongue lateralization
Use deep breathing and proprioceptive input to address self-regulation at the table
Educate parents and caregivers to promote carryover at home
Increase self-regulation around feeding
Increase food play and exploration to increase food acceptance
Don’t miss out! Learn how to put all the pieces together for children with complex feeding issues.

Location Self Study DVD
3839 White Ave
Eau Claire, WI 54703
Date 1/6/2022 - 1/5/2023 11:59 PM
Sponsor Pesi Inc
Trainer Jessica Hunt
Contact Karen Schoenrock (800) 844-8260
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
6. Periodic monitoring
7. Ongoing communication & collaboration
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 1.0 - Assessment
2.0 - Atypical Development
4.0 - Intervention
1.0 - Typical Development
1.0 - Working with Families
Cost 149.99
Cut Off Date 1/5/2023
Status Closed