Unilateral Hearing Loss: Advocating for Children through Early Intervention Services and in the Classroom


This course will discuss the challenges of unilateral conductive hearing loss, why one good ear is not good enough, and why choosing a bone conduction hearing device such as the Oticon Medical Ponto can help improve hearing loss. Information will be provided on how advocacy in the classroom along with help from early intervention services can help children benefit during the critical years of development and beyond.

Location Webinar
Date 1/1/2022 - 12/31/2022
Sponsor AudiologyOnline
Trainer Mary Humitz and Melissa Tumblin
Contact Tanya Velarde (888) 698-2980 tvelarde@audiologyonline.com
Principles 2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
Credit Hours 0.5 - Atypical Development
0.5 - Intervention
Cut Off Date 12/31/2022
Status Closed