The Cycle of Effective Feeding Therapy: A Responsive Feeding Approach AND: This is also being offered as an on-demand workshop at


Children have feeding problems for many reasons so they each come to us with a variety of difficulties based on their overall abilities, experiences and situations. Often families or therapists report that they don't know where to start with responsive feeding, or have tried to implement responsive feeding strategies but didn't see progress, making them feel that they have no choice but to implement less responsive techniques in order to help children move ahead.

This course will take a new look at how therapy can be structured to allow children of all ability levels to build on their strengths and discover their own Intrinsic motivations to eat, including hunger, connection, joy, comfort and curiosity.

Using videos and case studies, Heidi and Jeni will share practical therapy strategies that will foster the development of autonomy and strengthen family mealtime relationships to make mealtimes sustainable long into the future.

Location Webinar

Date 10/14/2021 12:00 PM - 2:00 PM
Sponsor Get Permission Institute
Trainer Heidi Moreland, CCC-SLP & Jennifer Berry
Contact Karen Dilfer (847) 293-9559
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
Credit Hours 0.5 - Atypical Development
1.5 - Intervention
Status Closed