EI Vision & Hearing Second Chance Offerings, offering 2 “Autism or Deafblindness: Considerations for Assessment and Early Intervention for Young Learners with Sensory Losses”


This is a second chance offering for those who were unable to attend the live EI Vision & Hearing Conference.
The similarities in the ways that autism spectrum disorders (ASD) and deafblindness behaviorally present in children have been recognized for a long time. Families and early interventionists serving children with deafblindness increasingly hear service providers or medical professionals suggest that these children seem to appear autistic or to have “autistic-like behaviors.” While it is possible for children to be diagnosed with both deafbllndness and autism, it is very likely that a child who is deafblind simply appears similar to a child with autism and other people do not have adequate or appropriate information about the characteristics of deafblindness. The presenter will share profiles of young children with deafblindness and those with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) pointing out similar characteristics in both profiles and offer explanations of how dual sensory losses could explain these “autistic-like” features. We will also consider how some of those common similar behavioral characteristics can interpreted when assessing a child who may have and unidentified sensory loss or sensory processing issue.

Location Webinar
Date 9/1/2021 - 10/31/2021
Sponsor Illinois School for the Deaf
Trainer Julie Maier
Contact Andrea Marwah (331) 702-8944 andrea.marwah@illinois.gov
Principles 4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
6. Periodic monitoring
Credit Hours 0.5 - Assessment
0.75 - Atypical Development
Status Closed