Deafness with Autism: A Music Therapy Perspective


Recent surveys have revealed that 1 in 59 children with hearing loss also receives services for autism spectrum disorders (ASD) (Szymanski, Brice, Lam & Hotto, 2012). Current research demonstrates that many children with ASD respond more frequently and appropriately to music than to other auditory stimuli (Thaut, 1999, Whipple, J. 2004). This presentation will provide resources and clinical examples of music therapy as an intervention for this unique population.

Location Webinar

Date 7/6/2021 - 12/31/2021
Trainer Chris Barton
Contact (800) 753-2160
Principles 3. Collaborative relationships
Credit Hours 1.0 - Intervention
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Cut Off Date 12/31/2021
Status Closed