Treating Infants and Families In the NICU and Beyond


This engaging course is designed to provide participants with tools and strategies to prepare the NICU patient and family for discharge and transition home. Class participants will learn to evaluate, identify, and optimize services and care for NICU graduates as well as to enhance home based and/or outpatient clinical setting skills. Evidence based medical, developmental and outcome data will be discussed to inform treatment, best practices, and management of the medically fragile NICU child.

Location Webinar

Date 8/13/2021 10:00 AM - 8/14/2021 6:00 PM (Check in 9:50 AM)
Sponsor Education Resources, Inc.
Trainer Roberta “Bertie” Gatlin
Contact Education Resources, Inc. (508) 359-6533
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
6. Periodic monitoring
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 2.0 - Assessment
4.5 - Atypical Development
5.0 - Intervention
3.5 - Typical Development
Cost 369
Status Closed