Supporting Families who live in Stressful Circumstances


Having a child who qualifies for EI in and of itself places stressors on parents. For example, parents must forge multiple new relationships with therapists. Weekly schedules must be modified to accommodate home visits by therapists. And, parents must adjust their expectation for the ‘idealized’ child to bond with the ‘real’ child who has special needs, processing their feelings and others’ reactions. When families’ living circumstances present additional stressors (e.g., limited economic resources, limited family supports, dangerous neighborhoods) parents may find it difficult to fully engage in the EI program. This workshop will utilize a case consultation model to explore strategies service coordinators may try to support parents in managing stress: for example, identifying community resources, utilization of social work and psychological service providers, considering co-treatment provider teams to facilitate optimum family support. A small group of service coordinators (5-10) will share their experiences with families on their caseload and the group will discuss strategy options for intervention.

Location CFC #9
5422 W. Roosevelt Road
Chicago, IL 60644
Date 7/11/2019 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM (Check in 9:55 AM)
Sponsor CFC #9
Trainer Tomacine Henek, Ph.D.
Contact Tomacine Henek (773) 380-5212
Principles 1. Support families
4. Specific goals
5. Comprehensive plans
7. Quality services
Credit Hours 1.0 - Working with Families
Cost Free
Status Closed