Understanding, administering, and implementing the ASQ:SE 2 in Early Intervention


0-3 Assessment
How to understand and administer the ASQ-SE2. Participants will learn about the social and emotional components of the ASQ-SE2 including social and emotional competencies, the relationship-based nature of development and learning, the definitions of infant mental health and their similarity to the indicators of child outcomes, the 7 behavioral areas of the ASQ-SE2 ,how the ASQ-SE2 contributes to the social history, and the instrument itself as a parent-report screening tool which has good psychometrics, and the administration of the tool in terms of ages, age adjustments, cutoffs, scoring and reporting of the results.

Location DayOnePACT
1551 East Fabyan Parkway
Geneva, IL 60134
Date 6/25/2019 8:30 AM - 11:30 AM (Check in 1:30 PM)
Sponsor Dayonepact
Trainer Joanne McCrory
Contact Joanne McCrory (630) 482-7631 jmccrory@dayonepact.org
Principles 3. Collaborative relationships
6. Periodic monitoring
7. Quality services
Credit Hours 3.0 - Assessment
Cost 0
Status Closed