So About that AeroDigestive Tract


In this episode Michelle is joined by her mentor and friend Dr. Fred Garner, ENT, of “ENT for Kids”. Not only did Dr. Garner assist Michelle in her role as “Momma Bear”, by addressing both of her own son’s airway concerns, but he has also dramatically impacted the lives of countless children in the midlands of SC by expediting their healing process through medical management of the “aero” portion of their respective aerodigestive tracts. Do you have kiddo on your caseload that seems to be “stuck” on pureed foods, or do you have a patient that keeps hitting repeat on their upper respiratory infections, or can’t seem to shake that “junky” stridor sound at rest or in play? Well then, sit back in awe as Dr. Garner shares a lifetime’s worth of experience to help our professions better understand and support each other in the care of these little ones.

Location Webinar
Date 5/1/2019 - 5/1/2020
Sponsor Video Continuing Education
Trainer Michelle L.W. Dawson, MS, CCC-SLP and Dr. Fred Garner, ENT
Contact Darla Torkelsen (855) 664-8135
Principles 4. Specific goals
Credit Hours 0.5 - Atypical Development
0.5 - Intervention
Cost $24.99 (or free with subscription)
Cut Off Date 5/1/2020
Status Open