Quickshifts: Revolutionizing the Use of Sound in Sensorimotor Integrative Treatment


Since their inception, the Quickshifts library has grown exponentially. This expanded range of album choices, provides therapists with more options to precisely match the musical elements to clinical picture. In this one-day, course, we will explore the therapeutic application of Quickshifts and how these sound tools can be used to quickly shift states of alertness and set up the nervous system for optimal success. Participants will learn about Quickshifts’ theoretical underpinnings such as binaural beat technology, musical entrainment, the encoded movement patterns found in music, and how accessing whole-brain processing further promotes basic and higher-level functions and processes. In addition, participants will learn the specific musical qualities and various clinical applications of each Quickshifts album.

Whether being used in the clinic, school, home, or community setting, Quickshifts have shown to support immediate and lasting changes in a variety of occupational performance areas such as: self-regulation, sensory modulation, anxiety, postural activation, motor coordination, social interaction, and executive functioning. Preliminary research on the impact of Quickshifts albums, conducted at a prestigious university, has shown improvements in postural activation and bilateral motor coordination. These initial investigations only further supporting the results seen first-hand in the clinic. Audio samples, case presentations, and video examples will be provided so that participants gain first-hand experience with these sound tools. By the end of the course, participants will be able to implement the use of Quickshifts into their practice settings and will understand how to select the best musical match between album and client to optimize therapy goals and outcomes.

Location Webinar
Date 10/7/2019 9:00 AM - 4:30 PM (Check in 8:30 AM)
Sponsor Vita Links
Trainer Sheila Frick; OTR/L & Tracy Bjorling; M.S., OTR/L
Contact Heather Diaz (608) 270-5424 info@vitallinks.net
Principles 1. Support families
4. Specific goals
5. Comprehensive plans
7. Quality services
Credit Hours 0.5 - Intervention
Cost 195
Status Closed