Tube Feeding and Oral Feeds in the Pediatric World


In this course, Michelle is joined by the lovely Miss Erin Forward of Rochester, NY. On the menu: common terminology for our pediatric populations with feeding tubes, emphasis on quality not quantity feeds, and addressing long-term planning…stressing the motto of “fed is fed is fed” and that some of these little ones do need a feeding tube for nourishment and PO for quality of life.

Location Webinar
Date 12/20/2018 - 12/20/2019
Sponsor Video Continuing Education
Trainer Michelle Dawson and Erin Forward
Contact Darla Torkelsen (855) 664-8135
Principles 4. Specific IFSP goals
Credit Hours 1.0 - Intervention
Cost 24.99 (or free w/ subscription)
Cut Off Date 12/20/2019
Status Closed