Early Speech-Language Development: Taking Theory to the Floor Expanded Edition on DVD- 12 hours credit


12 hour course on DVD - ASHA CEUs available for SLPs

If you’ve struggled with designing effective treatment plans for your youngest clients (ages birth to 4) with communication delays/disorders, then this is the conference for you!

This course is particularly helpful for SLPs, OTs, and Developmental Therapists to determine how to identify and help families understand the social interaction prerequisites a toddler needs in order for language skills to develop.

We spend most of this 12 hour course talking about TREATMENT strategies, and I’ll introduce you to my SIMPLE TREATMENT HIERARCHY complete with checklists and full of treatment strategies to encompass the entire gamut of your caseloads from non-verbal children with social communication disorders to toddlers who are ready to work on intelligibility issues.

How do you make treatment decisions, prioritize goals, and determine what techniques to use in sessions? How do you maximize a child’s participation in sessions AND your effectiveness as an early intervention professional? This course will help you clarify your position, your philosophy, and your overall approach as you provide services for your youngest clients. If you’re a seasoned professional (like me!) or a new grad, you’re sure to leave this conference with treatment guidelines to support your practice in your state’s early intervention program.

In addition to the course material, you'll see over 50 video clips from real life therapy sessions implementing the techniques during familiar play activities and receive copy-ready practical handouts to organize your sessions and share with families and other therapists.

This course is available for 1.2 ASHA CEUs for speech-language pathologists and 12 training hours for other professionals. With purchase you'll receive a set of DVDs, a course manual and set of copy-ready handouts for parents, and all forms required for processing CE credit including a review of concepts, a 10 question test (70% passing is required for credit), a program evaluation, a certificate of completion request and ASHA CEU participant forms (if applicable). To obtain CE credit, you must return the required forms via email to forms@teachmetotalk.com or via regular mail in the envelope provided with the course.

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Date 3/22/2017 - 3/22/2018
Sponsor teachmetotalk.com
Trainer Laura Mize, M.S., CCC-SLP
Contact Laura (502) 232-0400 laura@teachmetotalk.com
Principles 1. Support families
2. Active participation
3. Collaborative relationships
4. Specific IFSP goals
5. Comprehensive plans
6. Periodic monitoring
8. Quality services
Credit Hours 0.75 - Assessment
11.0 - Intervention
0.25 - Working with Families
Cost $199.00
Cut Off Date 3/22/2018
Status Closed