Below you will find a variety of national and local resources related to autism.

  1. American Academy of Pediatrics
  2. Answers for Autism
  3. Autism Speaks
  4. Autism Video Glossary
  5. Early Signs of Autism Video Tutorial
  6. Hope for All Foundation
  7. Little Friends Center for Autism
  8. Netbuddy
  9. M-CHAT Webcast

American Academy of Pediatrics

American Academy of Pediatrics offers resources for health care professionals and parents.  Autism is one of the many topics addressed under "Children's Health Topics" where you can find more information related to family and community resources, professional resources, and general resources.

Answers for Autism

Answers for Autism is an all volunteer organization founded by parents of children with autism whose mission is to increase and broaden public knowledge and awareness of the behaviors, social issues and emotional needs of individuals on the autism spectrum so that all individuals can participate in and contribute to our community without fear or bias or loss of individuality.  The website includes a variety or resources related to Autism.

Autism Speaks

Autism science and advocacy organization dedicated to funding research into the causes, prevention, treatments and a cure for autism; increasing awareness of autism spectrum disorders; and advocating for the needs of individuals with autism and their families.

Autism Video Glossary

Autism Speaks, in collaboration with First Signs and Florida State University's Autism Institute, added a treatment section to its online Autism Video Glossary. The glossary is a free web-based tool that contains over 100 video clips illustrating the subtle differences in behaviors that are typical in contrast with those that are red flags for ASD. The new treatment section includes five categories: behavioral interventions, developmental interventions, structured teaching and supports, clinical therapies, and toddler treatment models.

Early Signs of Autism Video Tutorial

To improve recognition of the early signs of ASD among pediatricians, parents, and early intervention providers, autism researcher Dr. Rebecca Landa of Kennedy Krieger Institute has developed this free 9-minute video tutorial on ASD behavioral signs in one-year-olds. The tutorial consists of six video clips comparing toddlers who show no signs of ASD to toddlers who show early signs of ASD.

Hope for All Foundation

The Hope For All Foundation was created to provide awareness and education about autism spectrum disorders along with hope for brighter futures for all children. 

Little Friends Center for Autism

Little Friends, Inc. is a private, non-profit organization serving children and adults with autism and other developmental disabilities. Based in Naperville, Illinois, Little Friends, Inc. operates 13 programs including three alternative schools, family support and consultation services, vocational training programs, community-based residential services and the Little Friends Center for Autism.


Netbuddy is full of handy tips and bright ideas from parents, caregivers, teachers and therapists with experience of learning disability and autism. It is a 'by you, for you' special needs resource, offering practical solutions to everyday issues - from brushing teeth to challenging behavior. For more information or to "give a tip" or "get a tip" please visit:

M-CHAT Webcast

This 20 minute presentation from the Waisman Institute describes doing screenings for autism spectrum disorders using the M-CHAT screening tool.

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