Coordinating Care Between EI and the Primary Care Medical Home: National Modules

Coordinating Care Between Early Intervention and the Primary Care Medical Home was developed by a collaborative project of the Illinois Chapter of the American Academy of Pediatrics, Advocate Health Care's Healthy Steps Program, Illinois Early Intervention Bureau, and Illinois Early Intervention Training Program. This resource is intended for a national audience of Early Interventionists, especially those that work with the Individuals with Disabilities Act, Part C -and provide services for infants and toddlers.

This resource has been broken down into two 20 minute modules and it's goals are to improve the delivery and financing of preventive health and developmental services for children birth to three and to build on existing programs to develop a range of strategies for primary care settings.  Upon successful completion of both sections of this resource you will have the opportunity to complete an evaluation form so you may provide feedback on the modules.  Upon completion of the evaluation form you will receive a certificate of completion documenting one contact hour of credit.

Part One

Part One objectives are to understand the "medical home" concept, to understand the role and practice environment of primary care providers (or PCPs), and to identify challenges PCPs face in working with the EI system.

Part Two

Part Two will summarize the focus of Early Intervention and primary care which may help build on the objective to identify challenges PCPs face with EI Systems that was introduced in Part One. This module will also provide information on the remaining two objectives which are to learn about complementary training provided to PCPs and take steps to facilitate communication and care coordination with PCPs.

Sample Forms

Standardized Referral Form

Referral Fax Back Form