Hearing & Vision

Below you will find a variety of resources to support early intervention professionals serving children who are visually impaired, deaf, or hard of hearing.

  1. Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach (HV/EIO)
  2. ProjectReach- Illinois Deaf-Blind Services
  3. Deaf & Hard of Hearing Resources
  4. Vision Resources

Hearing and Vision Early Intervention Outreach (HV/EIO)

HV/EIO is a statewide training and technical assistance program regarding infants and toddlers who are deaf, hard of hearing or visually impaired.

ProjectReach- Illinois Deaf-Blind Services 

Project Reach provides technical assistance, consultation, information, training, and family support to address the needs of children with deaf-blindness and their families.

Deaf & Hard of Hearing Resources

Vision Resources

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